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Marwan Mohd Zahari aka. Marwan Green Critter
27 October 1984
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My name is Marwan Mohd Zahari, also known as "Marwan Green Critter" on the Internet. I am a Malay Malaysian. My hobbies are reading, using the computer, watching television, eating (I eat a lot ^_^;;) and sleeping. Currently, I have my own webpage found at http://www.geocities.com/zanoma84/

My LiveJournal page is anybody, simply because I hate friends-only pages. I feel that, by exposing my entries to everyone, I'll gather even more people reading my entries, and hopefully make some more friends with them. (The only time I might probably want to upload friends-only entries is when talking about some certain sensitive issues, or talking about some dark sides of myself which I don't want to reveal to the public at all.) Also, so far, I only have very few LiveJournal friends, which is why making my journal friends-only means that I'll only have a tiny amount of people reading my entries, and I don't want that.

My entries are bilingual (Malay and English), because 1. I want to make it clear that I'm a Malay Malaysian, and 2. I want to maintain my Malay language skills... I fear of the degration of my mother tongue due to how a majority of Malaysians (mostly Chinese Malaysians) like to talk in English when online.

Feel free to reply to my older entries, too, because I've set my e-mail notification so that I get informed every time someone commented on my journal entries.